Bluehost Coupon Code and Discount Deals 2014

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WORKING Bluehost Coupon With Free Domain

If you want your business to create online presence, you will need the help of hosting companies. This is a challenge today because there are many hosting companies on the internet. In choosing, your priority should be outstanding services, ongoing support and superior tools. You should never settle for less because that is not how hosting works. Always go for a reputable hosting company like Bluehost.

How to apply Bluehost coupon :

1.  Visit with Below discount link. You discount will active via this link.

2. Coupon is Active. Choose your hosting plan.

3. Add domain or buy a new free domain.

4. Fill payment details and contact details to complete your purchase.

Bluehost hosting Review :

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is popular for providing quality web hosting solutions to many individuals and businesses. This hosting company has been around since the year 1996. One of its goals is to give off outstanding services which come in a very reasonable price. To be able to achieve their goal, the company makes sure that they regularly innovate and upgrade their services. They do not charge additional costs for this. There are many website owners who chose Bluehost already. You can be part of this #1 rated web hosting company and host your website with them at just $4.95 per month (Special discounted price applicable with bluehost coupon).

With Bluehost, getting the support you need is made easier. This is done thanks to their patient and amiable support staff. Their staff makes sure that they attend to each and every need of their client. Apart from their support staff, this company makes use of advanced technology too. They make it a point that they design and build their own servers. They are also affiliated with a nationwide fiber network. They run their own custom Linux kernel. With this, it can be said that they provide leading technology that will help their clients in growing their business online.

As for their facilities, they use a data center. This data center provides their customers with diesel generators, UPS power and multiple 10 gigabit fiber connections. These are connected to various locations around the globe. They want your website to be successful. With their first-rate facilities, great people and technology, success is just a click away!

Bluehost Features:

Bluehost has various features that you will surely find useful. Today, they offer professional web hosting for less than $5 a month, to be specific, $4.95 monthly with bluehost coupon offer. So what are the things that you will enjoy if you are to choose Bluehost?
  • Domain Hosting (Unlimited)
  • GB Hosting Space (Unlimited)
  • GB File Transfer (Unlimited)
  • Email Accounts (Unlimited)
  • Domain (For Free)
  • Site Builder with Templates (For Free)
  • Secure Shell, FTP, SSL, Stats
  • CGI, Perl, Ruby (RoR), MySQL, PHP
  • $100 Google Advertising Offer
  • 24/7 Chat, Phone and Email Support

Depending upon what you need and preference, you can either go for VPS Web Hosting or Dedicated Web Hosting. All of these are available in Bluehost. 

More about VPS Web Hosting:

If VPS Web Hosting is what you need, there are four plans being offered by the mentioned hosting company. VPS Web Hosting makes provisioning easy. This is also an effective way to manage services. I would like to mention that bluehost coupon applied to these plans too. 

What are the plans?

1. Standard

For the Standard Plan, you will only be charged $14.99 for the first month. As for the monthly rate, you will have to prepare $29.99. Among the things included in this plan:

1. Single Core Processor
2. 2 GB RAM
3. 30 GB Disk space
4. 1 TB Per month
5. One Free Domain 
6. 1 IP Address
7. CentOS 6.4 (64-bit system)

2. Enhanced

For the first month, you will only pay $29.99. Then for the monthly charge, it will cost you $59.99 monthly. This plan is made of:

1. Dual Core Processor
2. 4 GB RAM
3. 60 GB Disk Space
4. 2 TB Per month
5. One free domain for 1 year
6. 2 IP Address
7. CentOS 6.4 (64-bit system)

3. Premium

The Premium Plan costs $89.99 monthly. For your first month of subscription, you will only be charged $44.99. With this plan, you will get:

1. Triple Core Processor
2. 6 GB RAM
3. 120 GB Disk Space
4. 3 TB per month
5. One free domain name
6. 2 IP address
7. CentOS 6.4 (64-bit system)

4. Ultimate

This plan would have to be the most expensive. For the first month, you will be able to avail discount for you will only pay $59.99. As for the next months, the rate is $119.99 monthly. This plan includes:

1. Quad Core Processor 
2. 8 GB RAM
3. 240 GB Disk space
4. 4 TB per month
5. One free domain for 1st year
6. 2 IP Address
7. CentOS 6.4 (64-bit)

Learn more about Dedicated Web Hosting:

Bluehost’s dedicated web hosting is designed with cloud technology. This is done for them to provide affordable managed hosting which comes with instant provisioning. For your first month, you will be entitled of 50% off discount with bluehost coupon. 

What are the plans?

1. Standard

For your first month, you will only be charged $74.99. As for your continuous subscription, $149.99 will be charged monthly. This plan features:

1. Dual core with 2.3 GHz Intel® Xeon Processor
2. 4 GB RAM
3. 3 MB cache
4. 500 GB disk space
5. 5 TB per month
6. One Free Domain For 1st year
7. 3 Ip Addresses
8. CentOS 6.4 (64-bit system)

2. Enhanced

As for the Enhanced Plan, the charge is $99.99 during the first month. If you are to subscribe monthly, that will cost you $199.99 monthly. This plan includes:

1. Quad core, 2.5 GHz Intel® Xeon Processor
2. 8 GB RAM
3. 8 MB cache
4. 1000 GB 
5. Free Domain Name For First Year
6. 10 TB Per month
7. 4 IP Address
8. CentOS 6.4 (64-bit system)

3. Premium

Premium Plan costs $249.99 monthly. However, for your first month, you will only be charged $124.99. This plan is made of:

  1. Quad core, 3.3 GHz Intel® Xeon Processor
  2. 16 GB RAM
  3. 8 MB cache
  4. 1000 GB (RAID 1) disk space
  5. Free Domain Name
    6. 15 TB per month 
  6. CentOS 6.4 (64-bit system)
  7. 5 IP Address

In teaming up with Bluehost, you will be able to download your personal tracking links. This also includes banners. You will also be given the change to create custom tracking links. This is good to manage multiple campaigns and bluehost coupon codes which give you a lot more chances to track your clicks and visitors. Viewing click-through ratios is also made possible alongside with tracking of clicks, commission payments and conversions.  

To choose Bluehost can be a very wise move. You should sign up now on their website. With Bluehost, there are no hidden charges. They also have free instant set-up. With this, you can be sure that you will not have a hard time understanding your Bluehost account. If you are still hesitant, then you need to know that there is a money-back guarantee with this company. Meaning, they are confident with the service that they offer. 


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